16 Jamb Sweet Sixteen Likely Questions And Answers

16 Jamb Sweet Sixteen Likely Questions And Answers

After a successful Jamb 2019 registration, students are curious what Jamb will set on the exam day. Today, we will be looking at likely sweet 16 questions in Jamb 2019 Literature Questions.
The novel Sweet Sixteen summary is available and I recommend you check it out. The Sweet Sixteen novel questions and answers are given in this site to access them continue reading. Many candidates play the trivial game and also answer the quiz questions but today we will be going through the questions.
The questions below are from Flashlearners article on 20 Jamb Literature Likely Questions And Answers. These Jamb Questions should may appear on Use of English comprehension passage. It is not a GUARANTEE they will appear though.
Let us proceed straight to the Jamb Literature Questions And Answers

Hot 15 Questions You May Come Across In Use Of English

1. Q: The literary device that describes the year a novel is written is
A: Setting
2. Q: The combination of two or more metaphor is called
A: Mixed Metaphor
3. Q: “Tolu is my bitter friend” illustrates the use of
A: Oxymoron
4. Q: …. Repetition of vowel sounds
A: Assonance
5. Q: The summary of a literary work is also referred to as
A: Subject matter
6. Q: A foil character usually
A: Contrast with another character
7. Q: ….. is also called a dynamic character
A: Round character
8. Q: When a character says something and means another?
A: verbal irony
9. Q: ….. is a figure of speech that has to do with sound
A: Onomatopoeia
10. Q: Which is the oldest genre of literature?
A: Poetry
11. Q: “The best way to make your parents proud is to disobey them”. The above statement employs the use of
A: Irony
12. Q: A play on words that sound similar is called
A: pun
13. Q: A hero whose weakness contributes to his downfall is called
A: Tragic hero
14. Q: A short witty saying is known as an ……
A: Epigram
15. Q: Another word for enjambment is
A: Run-on-lines
Ensure you know the Sweet Sixteen characters, speeches, figures of speech, mood etc.

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