Jamb 101: Score Over 250 Marks In Jamb 2019

Almost every 2019 Jamb Candidate aims to score above 200 as many Universities require. Though the Jamb 2019 registration currently on sale, candidates are asking the same question of how to score over 250 in the forthcoming Jamb exam.

Most students are sitting with their fingers crossed waiting for the runz to pass Jamb 2019.

Success is not an offspring of claims but hard work, in other to achieve all the high score you claim and hope for, you need to prepare.

What do you think is the fate of a farmer who goes to the farm without his hoe or a solider who did not train before going to war? No matter the weapon you give him he can’t outsmart his rival soldiers who trained. Likewise candidates who do not prepare for the Jamb examination.

Examination is arguably the proper test of knowledge, only the prepared once will pass. Many students fail to start their preparation on time.

Students who wait for to start Jamb preparation after registration could run out of time. To score over 250 in UTME board examination requires seriousness and proper guidance.

Just like the regular saying, ‘make hay while the sun shines’. I interpret in this case as to prepare while the examination date draws near.

Many universities in Nigeria add the Jamb score to the post Jamb score. Candidates who scored over 250 in Jamb are of higher advantage than those who scored lesser marks.

How to Score Above 250 in Jamb 2019 Examination?

On a yearly basis, students ask this questions and still fail to meet the cut off mark. Failure is a product of fear, you need to wave fear bye bye if you want to succeed in Jamb.

The guidelines discussed below will expose us to the effective ways to score high in Jamb 2019 exams.

1. Choose the Right Course For You

Making the right choice of subject combination is one way to score high in Jamb. Ignore the course of study your friends are choosing and go for that very course you find easy and interesting.

Candidates join the roll call of mass failed candidates not because they are stupid, but failed to go with their passion.

Say Adamu and Bose are both Art students, Bose is going for Economics and Adamu, Political science. But since they are both friends, Adamu changed to Economics and has little knowledge in Mathematics. Adamu will fail as he is not good in mathematics.

The right choice is the first step to scoring high in Jamb 2019 examination.

2. Study and Study Hard

To score over 250 in Jamb requires no shortcuts. I made it known in my previous article 5 Set of candidates to Rewrite Jamb 2019, any shortcut you seek could be the captain of your failure.

Give yourself at least five hour study time on a daily basis and make sure you read in a comfortable environment. The more you study do not ignore the congregation of other candidates.

3. Study Under The Perfect Reading Condition

As humans we are different, what works for you may not for me. I have to discover what works for me, likewise reading. Discover the perfect condition you read and understand perfectly.

Some students read at night and are unable to read during the day, some read with noise while others can’t stand the slightest sound as they read. Discover what condition works best for you and utilize it.



4. Use The Right Reading Materials

Researches have shown that using the right materials of study can help a lot. Materials such as past questions, syllabus and recommended textbooks are great tools.

Jamb as an examination board has nothing new to offer candidates, they repeat questions on a yearly basis. Solving past questions exposes you to the exam pattern and what you should expect.

The syllabus just like the scheme of work points out important topics.

5. Get A Study Time table Prepared

Timetables have only one objective, they serve as reminders. Create yourself a study timetable and follow it accordingly. The timetable should be straight forward and convenient.

Tips To Create A Study Timetable

  • Find out what time is best convenient for you (morning, afternoon or night).
  • Draw a schedule and follow it.
  • Distribute time based on your reading hours and strength.
  • Organise your study time table.
  • Combine both difficult and easy subject.
  • Start with the difficult ones and if possible add few extra minutes.

6. Study The Difficult Subjects First

Start the day study with the difficult subjects first, this is very very important. After reading the difficult subjects for the day, you will find it revealing taking on the easier ones.

Reading the easier ones first could make it seem frustrating ones you are on to the tough ones. You need to relax your brain after working for long not add much more work load.

7. Invite God into your Academics

After you must have studied and applied all the best techniques to score 250 in Jamb exams. You need God to perfect it, pray each time for your examination.

Life must not be difficult, but doing it without God makes it difficult. No matter your religion, you need God to score over 250 in your UTME exams.

8. Subscribing to the Nigerian Learners Newsletter

On a daily basis, Nigerian Learners provide students with guidelines and steps to make good result in Jamb. Submitting your email address to the news letter is one sure way to pass.

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