Best Study Methods To Pass Waec 2019 Examination

Best Study Methods To Pass Waec 2019 Examination

Preparing for waec 2019 examination should not be a thing to fear, you searched for how to register and pass waec 2019. We will discuss all the necessary tools, guidelines and requirements to write and pass waec on the first attempt.

As a student, your only duty is to try to make your papers. The online waec registration and payments are for your school and parents to make.

Before submitting your requirements, subjects, bio, and other information ensure you check them once again whether you are missing anything. Ensure you cross your Ts and dot your Is.

In this article, we are referring to both the Junior and senior waec examination. If you ask how to pass waec 2019 exams below are helpful tips to pass for just one sitting.

1. Start Exam Preparations Immediately

Examination preparations begin immediately the school principal announces registration process.

Early preparation will buy you extra time to study and learn without rushing.

To read an understand, you need to study starting from the right time.

2. Believe Highly In Yourself

It is 100% normal to feel nervous during an external examination.

Maybe you do not want to fail your parents, trying to picture what kind of question they are going to ask or your body doesn’t seem to cooperate at the moment.

Do not let fear or being nervous come between you and your success. Many thoughts may start running through your mind, trying to remind you of topics you did not read.

Ignore any feelings and believe you kick-started the preparations and you alone will finish the examination.

3. Prepare Under The Right Study Condition

Forcing your self to adapt to a newly introduced study plan could lead to a wasted effort. Study and prepare for waec under a favorable reading condition.

How to know a favorable study condition

  • Provides you with more zeal to read.
  • Stress-free.
  • Requires little or no effort to adapt.

Students who doze off each time they try to read may want to change their study pattern.

If you are much more active watching TV set or playing video games at night, maybe you should try reading and to observe what happens.

Many students find it more comfortable to read during the night and sleep each time they try at daytime.
Check out the perfect condition for you and try to utilize it.

4. Improve Your Time Management Skills

Brilliant and average students who failed to meet this requirement got penalized.

Time management does not improve your reading but also trains you to answer questions fast and accurate.

Meeting the waec pass grade 2019 is not a problem as long as you answered questions fast and correctly.

Unlike the school internal examinations, no invigilator will give you extra minutes. You are to submit immediately you hear the ‘pens up’ command.

How to work on your time management skills?

  • Get a timetable and follow accordingly.
  • Answer past questions using the examination rules.
  • Ignore a question after reading a twice and you don’t have an idea of the answer.
  • While answering past questions reduce examination time by 10%.


Time waits for nobody, every second count in the examination hall. Try to save more time for cross checking already answered questions.

Go back to questions you left earlier and try providing answers.



5. Attend Classes And Tutorials Sessions

Don’t play the senior girl and let go of helpful classes. If possible pay for extra tutorial sessions as no knowledge is lost.

Tutorials will provide you with more time since classroom learning hours are not usually enough. During tutorial sessions, you have the opportunity to ask questions and get more detailed answers.

I recommend a tutorial class for chemistry, mathematics, biology, English language, economics computer and any other subject you find challenging.

6. Seek Guidance From The Right People

You may wonder why I said “the right people”, Nigerian elders have a feeling of embarrassment after failing to provide the correct answer to a junior’s question.

Ensure you direct questions to people who have average knowledge of the subject. Asking a doctor questions on history will make him look stupid.

Meet your teachers, parents or older siblings to guide you through. If you still doubt their answers refer to your textbook.

7. Use Waec Past Questions And Answers

Preparing for waec without past questions for your subjects is the same as preparing for battle using a wooden gun. The whole concept of using waec past questions is to introduce the system to you.

Some past questions provide answers but confirm them before accepting them. To confirm use your textbooks or take to your teacher.

Waec board have nothing new to offer as they repeat questions. In some cases, students bump into past questions asked word for word in exam. That does not mean you should cram.

To get familiar and exposure to what waec questions are like, past question is your option A. You will get guidelines to answer waec questions easily.

8. Test Yourself And Teach Others

Teaching waec students is a very powerful tool to remember all you read. It could be in form of reading partners, group discussions or online chats.

Sharing and exchanging ideas would make you point out topics and points you haven’t studied. Testing yourself would help build courage and point out places that you need to touch.

There are examination platforms both online and offline to test how prepared you are.

9. Set Your Desired Exam Target

This is just to help you think positively, the mindset can either help or fail you. Saying things like, “if I fail I fail na, I can not come and kill myself, highest I write the exam again’ would make you believe you can’t do it.

But thinking and saying positive things would in the other hand do you good. Students lost the will to read because of their current state of mind

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