Reasons Why You May Not Pass Jamb 2019 Exams & Effective Tips To Pass

Reasons Why You May Not Pass Jamb 2019 Exams & Effective Tips To Pass

It is every candidates desire to write the Jamb 2019 examination once and for all. To pass the examination is very easy but yet many candidates failed in the 2018 Jamb examination.

Candidates who looked for what to blame claimed the introduction of CBT is the author of their failure.

I have written this article to assist those sitting for the 2019 examination pass without much fuss. I recommend candidates to read this till the end. Like they say early to bed early to rise, start applying what you read before the exam clock start ticking.

The poor performance in UTME board examination kept me guessing, ‘Is the fault is from the candidate or board‘. Despite the high level of failure, many students still clear their papers in flying colors.

A cross before a crown, those students who passed their Jamb exams did not get it cheaply. There are processes and rules to apply if you want to pass the examination.

Crossing the Jamb cut-off mark for your University of choice is possible and you can do 100% effectively. For history not to repeat itself you must avoid the mistakes that resulted to your failure the last Jamb.

Scoring over 250 in Jamb 2019 requires diligence. No matter how many times you sat for the examination. All that matters now is to pass the Jamb 2019 examination with a high score.

The tips to pass Jamb covered in this article is simple to understand.

Why You Failed Jamb 2018 Exams and How To Avoid Failure In The UTME Exam

1. Studying without Proper Guides

Jamb exam is like any other external examination you wrote back then in secondary school. To pass in one sitting, you need to study based on the set out study points.

Reading the whole topics in Essential Biology does not guarantee you will score up to 50 marks in Jamb. Likewise other subjects, you need to get and cover the recommended resources.

2. Quiting Fast

You registered for MBBS in your choice of university and because you find physics difficult to ignore reading the subject. The examination distribute marks equally to the 4 subject.

Say you scored 70 marks in biology, 60 marks in chemistry, 50 marks in English and 10 marks in Physics. That is 190 marks is difficult to gain admission to study MBBS.

Instead of giving up on a subject explain to your friend and other candidates, they may be of great help.

3. You keep Procrastinating

Each time it is study hour you tell yourself, ‘Jamb registration has not started yet, the UTME exam is still far’. Thinking there is enough time is the greatest enemy of progress.



Many students did not pass Jamb 2018 and some will still fail this year because of procrastination. A stitch in time saves nine, it is better you start studying now than rushing when there is little or not study time.

4. You Crammed Past Questions and Answers

The complete past jamb questions and answers on chemistry is 100% uploaded in your brain. Your brain can scan and give you the answers even without the question being complete.

That is a good thing but what happens if you have the same question on the screen on the day of examination twisted in another word? What matters most is to be familiar with the system.

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5. You are too forgetful

To pass the Jamb 2019 exams, forgetfulness is not an option. Before you blame your village people for your failure, run a quick check on your last year preparation. Probably, you will discover you did not study hard or you were busy cramming.

6.You depended on Jamb expos

Candidates who depend on runz can not make it in Jamb 2019. The so called dealers are fraudsters who feed candidates with wrong answers to collect money from them.

It is 100% possible to score over 300 marks in Jamb 2019 without any external help. Study hard and you will pass no shortcut to these rule.

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7.Your mindset matters a lot

Low self believe has robbed many intelligent students of their admission last year. The power of the mind is immeasurable, what you propose in your mind matters a lot.

Many candidates fail the exam on the day of registration. They only want to take the exam without a goal. Action without passion deserves a sanction.

Set your mind positively and sanction thing that comes between your success and you.

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