8 Effective Techniques To Read And Understand Faster

8 Effective Techniques To Read And Understand Faster

Experiencing a blackout during your study time is a bad sign. You read and understand but after few seconds you discover nothing is entering the brain hardware. There are many reasons especially when you are not cramming.

Reading your textbook is the first step while understanding is the next. Understanding what you are reading makes it easy to store and remember what you read later in future.

Without cramming it is 100% possible to remember all you read in the exam hall. Students fear they may not remember all what their chemistry book says in the hall. Understand, store, process and pour is the easiest way to answer questions in examination hall.

Your major concern should be to understand what you read fast be it pdf files or hard copy. This article give answers to the big question, what to when you are reading and not understanding:

1. Understand Your Reading Habit

Try to familiarize yourself with your reading habits, discover what time you understand better. Students are different people, therefore what works for Simbi may not work for Emeka.

You may understand perfectly during the day and nothing at night. Students try reading the wrong time and it fails them, reading in the afternoon or at night makes no difference.

What you want is for anything you read to enter and you never forget. If reading at night is difficult try reading during the day, and see the change.

2. Identify Your Current State Of Mind

You are thinking of Chelsea’s match at 8 pm and you are picking up a book to read. In fact you may mistake the player names for many words.

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The right mind set is important to read and understand, you can not assimilate when other things bothering you. Attend to what is disturbing you before preparing to read.

Battling with thoughts on your mind would shift your thoughts away from study, people who read and it does not enter are probably:

  • occupied with other thoughts in their mind.
  • suffering from emotional breakdown or trauma.
  • too happy or sad to read.
  • focusing their anger on people who offended them earlier.
    too weak to read.


What category did you fall into? You need the right state of mind to read, understand and remember. Try to shut the door against other thoughts and focus on your book.

3. Get Enough Rest Before Reading Again

The brain and your entire body system need rest after undergoing lots of activities that come with the day. Stress takes a lot of energy from you thus the system needs enough rest to recover.

Studying when you are weak, dizzy or ill won’t add anything to your collection upstairs. Using the brain makes it weak, rest powers it up, get enough rest or sleep. Go back to the book you were reading or want to read.

You might want to rest at interval during long hours of study. Reading without proper rest is like pouring a gallon of water in a basket.

The perfect time when to read and understand is up to you, you alone  can tell when your system is ready for work.

4. Check the Your Current Environment

Where you are studying could be the problem, the reading condition maybe uncomfortable. Reading in a hot, cold, noisy or quiet condition may be the problem the brain is picking nothing.

Some students love reading in a quiet environment while others love it noisy. The reading condition matters as you body would try to adjust to the uncomfortable situation.



For those who love quiet reading environment go to the reading room or library. Trying to ask how you can read and understand in a noisy environment may not work.

5. Check What Works For You

You are the master of your own self, you alone knows how your body system work and respond to changes. Explore your reading habit to discover what reading technique is best.

Trying to read and your brain is giving you the no signal reply, go for option B-Z until you get the perfect one for you. Try all techniques you hear and see people use and highlight those your system embraced.

6. Focus Your Mind On One Thing

To study in a noisy I recommend using an earpiece or headset. Studying with earpiece can be of great help cutting out the entire experience in the environment.

But before you use these gadgets you must have practiced else you may still feel uncomfortable, get a mood swing, get lost in the music or sleep off.

You should train yourself on how to study while using earpiece. It worked for me during my school days and still works perfectly. Concentrate on the music you are listening too few minutes before study starts.

7. Know Your Study Limits

This is a good one and probably should be among the first 3 reading practices. You need to know how many hours you can read before loosing interest.

If you are someone who reads for 3 hours, asking the question “why am I not understanding longer?” after 3 hours is foolishness. Apply the #3 guideline and go back to study.

Trying to push yourself a little further could be good or not. You may read and understand or don’t understand. But passing your limit can fetch you extra reading time.

8. Feed Your Stomach Before Feeding Your Brain

Seriously, are you trying to read on an empty stomach? Your body is not a log of wood, no matter how hard you fight it, you will be unable to take your mind off hunger.

You can not cheat nature, reading without eating is like trying to start a generator without fuel. The generator consumes the fuel to provide light and your body need a good meal to function well.

Thinking you can read and understand your mathematics subject is a waste of time. You can not upload data on a computer with low battery.

Final Statements

Reading is fun especially when you do not force it, to remember all you read fast requires reading in a good condition. The best reading technique still is the one you discover to have worked well for you.

What other way to you think would work each time students do not understand what they read?

Comment your opinions and suggestions to enlighten us the more. Do not forget to use the share button to tell others of this helpful tips.

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