5 Basic Things To Do If You Did Not Get Admission

5 Basic Things To Do If You Did Not Get Admission

What is your Jamb Admission Status displaying? Probably you see not admitted at the moment, this may be either your Admission is pending or you are not going to gain at all.

Not admitted does not mean you won’t be able to pursue your academic career anymore.

Wait till your choice of Institution has done releasing her first and second admission batch before you conclude.

After you have confirmed that this year’s admission is over and you missed admission, don’t blame your self or anyone.

Missing admission is not the end of the line, you can still gain admission to any university of choice but this time you need to prepare better. You have one more year to become stronger and better.

Many schools such as University of Ibadan admit lesser number of candidates compared to other institution. Not gaining admission does not make you a dummy, but demands much more efforts from you.

The cutoff mark for your choice of department could rise too high all because of the amount of the large number of applications received for the program.

Scoring 250 in Jamb board examination and 90% in Post-UTME examination does not guarantee your admission status.

Let us discuss 5 things you are to do if you missed admission

1. Remain Calm And Focus

With the right mindset you can achieve anything, fear is just a four letter word.

Thinking you can’t pass Jamb or you are not qualified is the wrong choice to take now.

Probably this is your first or second denial but does’t mean you can’t gain admission.

Fear of writing the examination next year, is another failure from the start. Positive thoughts feed your mind with possibilities and then your entire body with believe.

Do not feel inferior to those that got their admission. Believe and think positively, you can do this.

2. Discover Why You Were Refused Admission

To avoid mistakes the best thing to do is examine yourself, point the mistakes out and avoid them. Failure doesn’t make you stupid but repeating a mistake.

Instead of crying in your closet try to point out those things you think resulted to your failure.

  • How did I prepare for the examination?
  • Did you put in your best in the exam preparation or not?
  • What happened in the examination hall?
  • Why couldn’t I remember all what I read?
  • Did I start preparation early enough of late?

Ask yourself the above questions to see whether the status of your admission was your own doing or not.

Be 100% honest with yourself, of course you can hide the truth from your parents/guardian but not yourself.

Tell yourself the truth and try as much as possible to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

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3. Try To Build Yourself

After confirming the reasons why you did not gain admission, next is building yourself. It is worth knowing that,



no one can build you unless you don’t build yourself first.

Many people go to therapy for years having the same issue all because they did not make this decision.

Most of Jamb candidates who did not secure admission will still return also the graduating secondary school students.

Do not for once think Jamb registration will be that easy, the competition grows annually.

To fit in perfectly you need a constant check and update on yourself to become stronger.

  • Stay up to date with the current admission happenings
  • How can I Build Myself?
  • Think positive thoughts
  • Work on your assimilation strength.
  • Work on your study life.
  • Train yourself on at a faster pace.
  • Invite God into your life.

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4. Know The Rules And Follow Them

We got rules what else is new? Without rules the world could be in a state of coarse.

Same as securing admission into your preferred institution. Breaking any rule could deny you your invitation to the university.

Even before starting an examination, read the outlined rules and regulations. That apply to Jamb 2019 registration as well, make sure your read all the rules before you start.

5. Study Hard And Apply Again

A right preparation will guarantee a successful outcome. Prepare for the Jamb examination as though it was your last request.

Study at least 5 hours daily and remember to play and relax your brain.

Study without fun is disastrous, remember ‘All work and no play makes jack a dull boy’. Try to balance reading with your regular activities.

Reapply for the Jamb Examination and ensure you provide the right requirements in their recommended field.

Study with the right tools, timetable, past questions, textbooks, syllabus etc.


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